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Last Day At Six Flags

Well, last night we went to the laser show at Stone Mountain. It was absolutely awesome! Before the show, we were going to try to eat at a place called Miss Katie’s, but we arrived 2 minutes too late to be seated. We pleaded to no avail. They even had throwed biscuits! :( Hooker karma strikes again! The boys wanted ice cream after, so we ended up finding and driving through one of the hoodiest Baskin Robbins I believe I’ve ever seen. Our ordering attempt over the intercom was a paramount failure and I had to face-to-face it with much concentration to make sure the Indian gentleman taking our order got it correct. Thanks again, GPS!

Back at the hotel, I took the MacBook Pro downstairs and plugged in the hotel printer to print off our FlashPass voucher, the shipping label for the Mac Mini I just sold on EBay and our tickets for the Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola. I plugged the thing in and it just worked. Love my Mac.

Got up this morning and looked for the closest Post Office on the GPS. You got it - right in the hood. In fact, it apparently up a fake Post Office just to take us there because when we ‘arrived at out destination’, it looked like an abandoned train station. We ended up asking some random lady for directions. At least she knew what she was talking about!

Waffle House breakfast was awesome and we got into Six Flags without a hitch. I picked up our FlashPass and had to listen to a 4 minute video that basically boiled down to you owe us $250 if you break our toy. I opted for the regular (ie cheapest) version. The more you pay, the less you wait. Supposedly, with the regular version, you wait as long as everyone else, just not in line. We did not find this to be exactly true and waited very little until later in the day when we did have to wait over an hour for Superman. In the meantime, we ate, waited out a brief rain shower, rode the Sky Buckets and enjoyed looking around. Totally worth it.

Goliath is by far my favorite ride here. Superman was probably next followed by the Georgia Scorcher. Wilson had intermittent luck walking onto 54” height rides. He’s 52”, so he’s close. Only really got removed from one ride. Of course, we still had Jackson, so Chrissy and I rider-swapped which meant that one of the other boys got to ride twice. We had a few meltdowns and some feet blisters requiring me to shoulder-carry Jack for most of the afternoon, but it was overall one of the best Six Flags days we’ve ever had.

We got in the car with the plan to go to the pool at our hotel (which was supposed to be fixed by today) but that was a bust. Stench was not the word for our Sequoia on the way home. Woooowheeee!

Meanwhile, showered and refreshed, we went to eat at a place near our hotel called the Metro Cafe. Food was pretty good and they had karaoke, but it was in the bar part (liked that’s ever stopped us before) and a big sign up saying for adults only, so we came back and packed up.

We are up early tomorrow and going to the World of Coca Cola and the aquarium. Air conditioning will be great to have after the past couple of days in the park. Then, back to reality! I don’t go back to work until Saturday, so we should have some recoup time at the house while the boys get started back to school. Until next time!

Josh driving the antique cars at Six Flags.

First Tumblr Post Ever

So I know what you’re thinking. I can’t even keep up my regular blog and here I am starting another one. But those of you on Facebook will note that I do manage to update Facebook pretty well. There’s an iPhone app for Tumblr and I can do it on the go. I so far have not been impresses with other blogging apps for my Blogger page. This means that my blog entries turn into novelettes. This may not be any better, but I can at least give it a try.

We are waiting in line for rider-swap at the Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia. Jack and I are hanging out, waiting on Chrissy, Josh and Wilson to ride.

We got here yesterday and came for a few hours and really had a good time. Lines are longish, about 45 mins, but not the worst. We rode Goliath and that was awesome!! We were headed this morning to the water park an then found out our season passes wouldn’t work figured we’d save that $200 for later.

Tomorrow, we are gonna try the fast pass and see how that goes. Tonight we might try the Stone Mountain laser show. Not sure.

So begins the Tumblr blog. We will see how it goes. If it’s cool enough for John Mayer….. :)

Waiting at Six Flags

Waiting at Six Flags